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Goat-San Abbey Road 4*M


Sire: +B Autumn-Acres My Excellence
SS: *B Summer Haven SE Napoleon
SD: CH Autumn-Acres My Excel

Dam: Goat-San Eleanor Rigby 4*M
DS: +*B Kastdemur's Eye of the Tiger
DD: GCH Kastdemur's Love Me Dew 3*M


Abbey, oh Abbey! This girl seems to have the worst and best luck ever! In the spring when she kidded she was a lovely doe, but I had two other yearlings that I liked better. I put her up for sale and had several offers for her. When all of those fell through I held onto her for a little while. By the time the trip to Nationals came around she was still here! She made the trip to Nationals. There I once again put her up for sale. Again I had a very good offer. But by this time she had wormed her way into my heart. Plus she was maturing quite nicely and was looking better and better! Needless to say she is still here and the other yearlings are not!

Abbey holds a special place just being from the Dewy line. As the first line that I started with, it is a special line.

Abbey is a beautiful doe, but has the WORST color! She is so broken up by color lines, that it is very hard to not get fooled. She is NOT short bodied, NOT short rumped! I hate color lines!

Abbey is strong in her feet and legs, and front end. She is lovely across the back and improved immensely in the rump after having large twins at 11 months old.

With the way that the Excellence daughters have matured with a second freshening I am looking forward to her next kidding!

Linear Appraisal

1-03 VG 88 VEVV
2-02 VG 87 VVVV
3-02 EX 90 VEEE


1-00 130 900 33F 26P In Progress

Life: 130 900 33F 26P

Show Record

*1st/1U California State Fair
*3rd/3U Mendocino County Fair


Breeding Plan      Buck: Moonshine-Ridge CB Beowulf      Due: March     Doe kids: $600     Buck kids: $500