Our LaManchas

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SG Goat-San Vittoria 2*M


Sire: *B Vineyard View Macadamia
SS: +*B SG Kastdemur's Wai'Ale'Ale
SD: GCH Vineyard View Dasani Mango 9*M

Dam: SGCH Goat-San Venice 1*M
DS: +B Autumn Acres My Excellence
DD: Goat-San Versailles


Vittoria is our black sheep! I really think that Goat-San has developed a "style" and when I look in the barn Vittoria is the only doe that doesnt really fit the mold. However there are things about her that are the best in the herd....like her UDDER! it is the best udder bar none. While her grace and style aren't really typical of my goats I would take a whole barn full of her udder, will to milk, and POWER! While she often gets recognized for her udder, it really irks me when judges can't see past her general appearance and reward the udder. about 99% of the time it IS the best LaMancha udder if not the BEST UDDER IN SHOW.

As I eluded to, Vittoria does not have the general appearance that many of my goats have, but she is still strong in her leg set, rump structure, and has a beautiful head. Really the main issue, is that when she walked she is low in the chine and we all know how many points back is worth these days.....more than 8! She is a wide and powerful doe who milks from power and strength. She is one of our best milkers, and a persistant one too. Her udder is perfect....literally. I wouldnt change a thing. High and wide, beautiful fore udder, perfect teats and placement. The shape is great.....its IDEAL.

Linear Appraisal

1-02 VG 88 VVEE
2-02 VG 88 VVEE


1-00 293 2410 88F 76P

Show Record

3rd/1U Sonoma County Fair
4th/1U California State Fair
2nd/1U Mendocino County Fair
BU/BUIS Mendocino County Fair



Breeding Plan      Buck: *B Goat-San Mount Bachelor      Due: March     Doe kids: $800     Buck kids: $700