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GCH Kastdemur's Bahama Mama 5*M


Sire: ++*B Kastdemur's Deviant
SS: ++*B GCH Becca's Hemingway
SD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Diva 1*M

Dam: GCH Kastdemur's Bohemia 4*M
DS: ++*B GCH Elm*Glen Brazil
DD: GCH Kastdemur's Zima 3*M


Bahama is a doe that I just love. She is sweet and kind, with a really goofy personality. Unfortunately she has not been the most prolific goat.  She is turning 7 years old in 2015 and I have ZERO doe kids from her ever! I really want a doe kid from her and have my fingers crossed.

My former partner Keven is the reason that Bahama came to the herd. He fell in love with her as a dry yearling and pestered Karen and Krista for the entire summer about selling her to us. Karen was all for it, but Krista took some real convincing. After quite a bit of sweet talking and perseverance she gave in, and Bahama came to Goat-San.

Right from the start she gave me problems. As a coming two year old, she was bred, and was confirmed via sonogram. As she got closer and closer to her kidding date, I had this weird bad feeling, she just didn’t look pregnant. Sure enough she passed her kidding date with no kids. She had re-absorbed her pregnancy. She did come into a small amount of milk, and we milked her everyday even though she didn’t freshen.

As a three year old, she freshened with triplets, two bucks and a doe. The doe, of course, was still born. Bahama looked great as a three year old, and easily finished her championship.  The next year didn’t settle and was milked through, and as a five year old she had triplet bucks! Darn goat.

Bahama is excellent in general appearance. She is one of the most correct does in the barn. She is long and level, with a strong front end.  She has a very well attached mammary system and good strength of bone.

Bahama is now retired from the show ring. Aside from her three year old year Bahama never really bloomed as a show doe. Part of it I think was the breeding problems, but we will never know. She is here to stay as a brood doe. We hope sometime before she is 10 she will have a doeling!

When we travel to shows, you can find Bahama and Lincoln (our resident whether) lounging on the side of the hill, gloating about getting to stay home.

Linear Appraisal

3-04 VG 89 EEEE
5-05 VG 89 E+EE


2-11 305 2370 87F 70P
624 3670 139F 111P
4-09 265 2040 98F 52P
5-11 57 350 17F 9P

Life: 946 6060 254F 172P

Show Record

*1X Junior Champion
*1st place California State Fair
*Reserve Junior Champion Ca. State Fair
*1st/1U District VIII Specialty
*Grand Champion District VII Specialty
*2x Grand Champion
*2nd/2U Sonoma County Fair


Breeding Plan      Buck: Roc-N-"J" HTC Nikkos      Due: April     Doe kids: $800     Buck kids: $500     Reservations: All does