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Goat-San Eleanor Rigby 4*M


Sire: ++*B Kastdemur's Eye of the Tiger
SS: ++B Dagron Taipei's Toronto
SD: GCH Kastdemur's Survivor 2*M

Dam: GCH Kastdemur's Love Me Dew 3*M
SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Deviant
DD: GCH Kastdemur's Mountain Dew 2*M


Eleanor is a very special doe. She is the only daughter that we got from her dam GCH Kastdemur's Love Me Dew 3*M who was the very first Goat-San LaMancha. Eleanor is a funny doe. She is a total loner, and does not like to associate with other goats. She would much rather live in her own world with just her in it. Even humans are only tolerable. She is not wild or mean, but she just looks at us with distain and walks away.

Eleanor is a very interesting doe in her form and function. She is put together just right. How she moves, how she stands, the structure of the mammary system and the way it sets in the body cavity. However she is no show stopper and the reason is that she verges on being weak and over refined. Even at five years old she could pass for a two year old, in fact she would make a better two year old than a five year old. I always tell people that she will probably be 10 or 11 and still look 3. Maybe that will be her heyday!

She has been very stingy on kids having a single every year until she was five, and then had twins. She has however been generous with daughters. She had a single doe kid every year then buck/doe twins. The first year she was bred to a Nubian. Imagine my surprise after an unknown buck escape the day she was also bred to a LaMancha, when a little crossbred with long elf ears and a roman nose arrived five months later!

Eleanor was not shown that often while she was at Redwood Hill Farm. But when the herd moved home we have to bring every milker when we show, so she has been shown much more. She always places at or near the top of her class. Even though I give her a hard time about her lack of strength she is quite a beautiful doe.

We just love our Eleanor Rigby. Her confidence, carriage and poise are particularly unique.

Linear Appraisal

2-04 VG 88 VEVE
4-05 EX 90 VVEE
5-03 EX 90 VE+E


2-00 275 2140 81F 58P
2-10 263 1880 71F 54P
3-10 305 2070 82F 66P
4-11 205 1640 91F 48P In Progress

Life: 1079 7820 329F 229P

Show Record

5th place Junior kid National Show
*Part of first place Junior get of Sire National Show
* 1st/1U District VIII Specialty
*1x Grand Champion
*3rd/3U California State Fair


Breeding Plan      Buck: Roc-N-"J" HTC Nikkos      Due: April     Doe kids: $800     Buck kids: $500     Reservations: