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GCH Goat-San Baby Baby 5*M


Sire: Moonshine Ridge Rous Tanner
SS: Quixotes Rain's Rousseau
SD: Moonshine Ridge Wichita

Dam: GCH Kastdemur's StartYourUprising 4*M
DS: ++B Dagron Taipei's Toronto
DD: GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 3*M


Baby Baby is aptly named as she is the exact same color as her dam Baby and exhibits some of the same qualities.

When Baby Baby was a younger doe she was not my favorite in that class. I felt that I had some better does ahead of her. She stayed around because she was out of Baby and I felt an attachment to her because of that.

She first freshened at Redwood Hill Farm in the fall breeding program. She freshened with a single kid, and didn’t appear to be anything special. I re-bred her to kid again in the spring (2 kiddings in 7 months) and even then she only just barely hung around. I always had her on my cull list. Boy was I glad that I waited it out!

As a three year old she really bloomed and grew into a beautiful doe, and low and behold she is the only LaMancha doe left in that age group. She competed at the top of her class as a three year old, and earned a leg towards her championship.

Baby Baby is a large doe that is very long and level. She has beautiful set to her rear legs, and strong pasterns. Her mammary system is socked on. It is extremely high in the rear, and has good balance when viewed from the side.

With the way that she has matured over the last three years, we cannot wait for the next three years.

Linear Appraisal

2-05 VG 86 V+VV
3-03 VG 89 VVEE
4-05 EX 92 EEEE
5-02 EX 90 EVEE
6-02 EX 91 EEEE


1-06 144 600 20F 17P
2-00 191 1170 41F 33P
2-11 305 2070 76F 56P
4-00 138 1360 43F 39PIn Progress

Life: 798 5230 181F 146P

Show Record

*1x Grand Champion
*2x Reserve Grand Champion
*1st/1U Sonoma County Fair
*2nd/2U California State Fair
2x Grand Champion
1x Best Doe In Show
1st/1U California State Fair
1st/1U Sonoma County Fair
8th place National Show
1st/1U Mendocino County Fair
1st/1U Sonoma County Fair
ALC All American
1st/1U California State Fair
1st/1U Sonoma County Fair


Breeding Plan      Buck: Kastdemur's Smooth Criminal     Due: Mid April     Doe kids: $1000     Buck kids: $800