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SGCH Goat-San Venice 1*M

2015 National Champion and Best Udder


Sire: Autumn-Acres My Excellence
SS: *B Summer Haven SE Napoleon
SD: CH Autumn-Acres My Excel

Dam: Goat-San Versailles
DS: +*B Kastdemur's Rhone
DD: SGCH Blue Unicorn Ice Z Velour 8*M


Venice has turned into a very special girl. As a yearling milker I had this feeling about her, but she was kind of gangly and awkward. My gut was right! She blossomed into our most competitive doe in 2014 as a 2 year old. She topped her class many times and was RGCH at the California State Fair and GCH at the Sonoma County Fair.

Venice is an odd doe and I will admit she has a voice!!! When she is in heat, or for the first three to six weeks after kidding, she will let you know when she is feeling neglected, or just let you know she is there!

Venice is one of our few outcross doe lines. Most of our doe genetics come from Kastdemur’s or Tempo. In 2008 my mother was judging a show here in California, and when she got home she called me up and said that she saw the most beautiful LaMancha doe. She was from Blue Unicorn Ranch in Lake County. A couple of days later my mom called me back and said “surprise! I bought you a goat”. She had called up the owner and bought this doe for me. Her name was SGCH Blue Unicorn Ice Z Velour. Velour was a stunning doe and did very well for me in 2009 placing second at the National Show. Venice is the granddaughter of Velour; her dam was Goat-San Versailles a Velour daughter out of Kastdemur’s Rhone.

Venice is long and tall and has beautiful femininity while still maintaining good strength. She has some of the most beautiful front legs you have seen. Her mammary system is quite impressive in its capacity, extension of fore, and height and width to the rear. As a yearling she had an average lactation, but as a two year old really hit the buckets and is projected for over 3400 pounds.

Venice is another doe that exemplifies our mantra of long tall and milky. With so much success already we are excited to see what the future holds for this special girl.

Linear Appraisal

1-07 VG 88 V+VE
2-05 EX 91 VEEE
3-06 EX 93 EEEE
4-04 EX 93 EEEE


1-02 270 1640 60F 50P
2-01 305 3290 114F 97P
3-01 132 1900 51F 52P In Progress

Life: 728 6900 228F 202P

Show Record

*1st place California State Fair
*1st/1U Sonoma County Fair
*3x Grand Champion
*2x Reserve Grand Champion
*1st/1U California State Fair
*Reserve Grand Champion California State Fair
*1st/1U Sonoma County Fair
*Grand Champion & BU Sonoma County Fair
*2nd/2U Mendocino County Fair
*Reserve Grand Champion Mendocino County Fair
*1x Best of Breed
*4x Grand Champion
*2x Best Doe In Show
*1st/1U National Show
*National Champion and Best Udder
*1st/1U California State Fair
*Grand Champion & BU California State Fair
*Supreme Champion California State Fair
*1st/1U Sonoma County Fair
*Grand Champion & BU Sonoma County Fair
*1st/1U Mendocino County Fair
*Grand Champion & BU Mendocino County Fair
*Best Doe In Show Mendocino County Fair
*Best Udder In Show Mendocino County Fair
1st/1U California State Fair
GCH/BU California State Fair
1st/1U Sonoma County Fair
GCH/BU Sonoma County Fair
ALC Supreme All American


Breeding Plan      Buck: *B Goat-San Mount Bachelor      Due: March    Doe kids: $1200     Buck kids: $1200