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GCH Goat-San Because of Karen 5*M


Sire: +*B Kastdemur's Wai'Ale'Ale
SS: +*B GCH Kastdemur's Landslide
SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M

Dam: GCH Kastdemur's StartYourUprising 4*M
DS: ++B Dagron Taipei's Toronto
DD: GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 3*M


Because of Karen or “B-Ok” as we call her is a beautiful doe and has lived up to her namesake wonderfully. B-Ok was born just months after losing our dear friend Karen Senn whom was so instrumental in getting me started in LaManchas. B-ok is from Baby who was such a precious gift from Karen, and sired by a Kastdemur’s buck, so it seemed right to say that she is because of Karen as both sides of her pedigree are Kastdemur’s. We call her B-Ok to remind ourselves that we will be ok without Karen and we know she is watching over us.

B-Ok came out a color that I did not expect. Her mother is black and white, and her sire is chocolate. So she came out gold! Krista told me from the beginning that the cream/gold ones always turn out and are the best, but I was skeptical (I prefer black and white or chocolate). However she of course was right and B-Ok is beautiful.

She was not shown as a kid, but was a lovely dry yearling and easily earned her dry leg early in the year. As the summer wore on she started to get the dry yearling chub! We house all of our does milking or not in the same pen, so the dry yearlings tend to gain weight fast. By Sonoma County Fair B-Ok was a beast!

Being from Baby I was worried that even if she turned out she would never milk enough to burn all that fat off. Boy was I wrong! She has proven to be a much better milker that her mother, and by the time the big shows came around was looking fine! At linear appraisal the appraiser even called her “extremely angular”. She has not disappointed and late in the year is milking the most of all the does in the herd and is projected for a lactation around 3000 pounds.

B-Ok is really deep and wide with a beautiful front end. She has a long topline, and a long wide rump. Her mammary system is especially beautiful in the overall balance, height and width to the rear and medial support.

Well, now that I have mentioned all the wonderful things about her. It’s time to fess up about her shortcomings…she is a crazy witch in the milk room and show ring! I thought when she first freshened and nearly upended the milk stand while I would try to milk her that it was just a growing pain and she would get over it soon….now in December and she still flails around when I milk, it is obvious that I was just kidding myself. Crazy goat! Deep down I have hope that next year she will chill out. The worst part about it is that she is a very sweet doe. She comes to the gate and loves on you, she gives kisses and hugs, but try to touch that udder…she lays the smack down on you. When I was gone this summer appraising, I had a local FFA’er Janet Kracker come do some milkings and I forgot to warn her. Needless to say she had iodine all over the place. I had to apologize profusely about my crazy goat.

B-Ok is the dam of our 2014 Spotlight Sale consignment Goat-San In Memory of Karen whom resides in NY. Having had twin bucks her first freshening we have our fingers crossed for a doe this next spring!

Linear Appraisal

2-04 VG 89 VVEE
3-06 EX 90 VEEE
4-03 EX 93 EEEE


2-01 305 2890 111F 89P
3-01 147 1770 63F 56P In Progress

Life: 459 4700 176F 147P

Show Record

*1x Jr. Champion
*3x Grand Champion
*2x BDIS
*2nd/0 ,?2U California State Fair
*2nd place Sonoma County Fair
*1st/1U Mendocino County Fair
*Grand Champion Mendocino County Fair
2nd/2U National Show
2nd/2U California State Fair
Reserve Best Udder California State Fair
3rd/3U Sonoma County Fair
2nd/2U Mendocino County Fair
Reserve Champion Mendocino County Fair


Breeding Plan      Buck: Goat-San Mount Bachelor      Due: March      Doe kids: $1000     Buck kids: $1000