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GCH Goat-San Porcelina 2*M


Sire: Autumn-Acres My Excellence
SS: *B Summer Haven SE Napoleon
SD: CH Autumn-Acres My Excel

Dam: Goat-San Pretty In Pink 1*M
DS: +*B Kastdemur's Rhone
DD: Altrece As Pretty As Promised


A few years ago, Aaron Carter of Heart Mt. LaManchas entrusted me with a doe named Altrece As Pretty as Promised. I had always admired the Altrece herd, and was excited to get some new genetics in the herd as most of my stuff was very closely related. Pap as we called her turned out to be a lovely doe in many ways. Porcelina is the only doe in the current herd from that line.

Porcelina’s dam was Goat-San Pretty In Pink or Pip who was 2013 Reserve All American yearling milker and a highly competitive doe for us in 2013. Sadly, Pip was euthanized early in 2014 with a terminal cancer diagnosis. We were very sad, but glad that we had Porcelina her only daughter left in the herd.

As a kid, Porcelina was a fairly plain doe, and was always at the bottom of my list. Her mother’s illness and pending death was one of the only reasons I kept her around. As the yearlings started getting into late pregnancy and really developing, Porcelina really started to shine and developed into a very beautiful doe.

She is very correct. She has beautiful front legs, strong feet, and a large frame. I love the shape, medial support, and teat placement on her mammary system, and while her genetics don’t scream milk production she stayed right with the other yearlings, and had a very typical yearling milker lactation.

She reminds me very much of Venice, her paternal sister, as a yearling. Venice matured into something beautiful, so I am very excited to see this doe fresh a second time.

Linear Appraisal

1-03 VG 86 VVVV
2-05 EX 90 EEVV
3-02 EX 91 VEEE
4-02 EX 92 EEEE


1-00 255 1580 67F 48P
1-10 251 2680 83F 75P In Progress
Life: 192 1330 59F 38P

Show Record

*3rd/3U California State Fair
7th place National Show
1st/2U California State Fair
2nd/2U Mendocino County Fair
ALC All American Three year old
1st/1U California State Fair
GCH/BU/Total Performer California State Fair
1st/1U Sonoma County Fair
1st/1U Mendocino County Fair
RGCH Mendocino County Fair




Breeding Plan      Buck: *B J-Haven's 777 Livin'In Sin      Due: April     Doe kids: $1000     Buck kids: $1000