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Goat-San Yoko Ono


Sire: *B Goat-San Eugene
SS: +*B Kastdemur's Rhone
SD: SG Tempo Scio 3*M

Dam: Goat-San Eleanor Rigby 4*M
DS: ++*B Kastdemur's Eye of the Tiger
DD: GCH Kastdemur's Love Me Dew 3*M


Yoko Ono is one of my favorite does in the barn. It doesn’t help I tend to feel sorry for her since she is the low goat in the pecking order and with LaManchas being so witchy spends a lot of time hiding from her barn mates. She is very sweet though, and a goat that I like to look at and spend time with.

She is very similar in both personality and looks as her dam Eleanor. She tends to be more on the refined side of things, and has a very immature look about her. I have found since starting my own breeding program that the style I like and gravitate towards is a more refined, feminine profile. I have been fighting to find a balance where they are not too refined, but still within my style range.

Yoko is borderline on the too refined half of the spectrum, although she has more strength that her Dam Eleanor. She is very feminine, and has lovely general appearance. Her mammary system is high and wide in the rear and has the softest texture in the whole herd. When you milk her out, there is nothing left except teats and you get much more milk than you would expect.

I am excited to see how this doe matures. She is very much in line with what I like in a yearling, and I hope she develops with grace.

Linear Appraisal

1-05 GP 84 +++V


1-01 195 1400 64F 37P In Progress

Life: 195 1400 64F 37P

Show Record

*2x 2nd place


Breeding Plan      Buck: Moonshine Ridge Rhone Ranger      Due: Early March     Doe kids: $500     Buck kids: $400     Reservations: