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Goat-San Astoria


Sire: Scarlet Hills Chalupa Gerard
SS: ++*B SG Hogg's Hideaway Chalupa
SD: CH Scarlet Hills Marilyn

Dam: SG Tempo Scio 3*M
DS: *B Barnowl Oz
DD: SGCH Tempo Sidney W 2*M


Astoria is a very sweet doe, and has found a place in the herd. She was another doe that I was trying to sell for a number of weeks, but she kept getting better and better, and pretty soon I wanted to keep her!

She is the last doe kid I got from Scio, and the only Gerard daughter I have kept.

She is very strong in her Dairy Strength with good openness and angularity. She is strong in the overall attachment of the mammary and fore udder extension. While she has a strong medial, the teats are placed to the outside.

I am very excited to see how she matures.

Linear Appraisal

1-03 VG 85 +VV+


1-00 121 950 38F 32P In Progress

Life: 121 950 38F 32P

Show Record

2nd place California State Fair
3rd place Sonoma County Fair
*3rd/3U California State Fair


Breeding Plan      Buck: *B Roc-N-"J" HTC Nikkos      Due: March     Doe kids: $600     Buck kids: $400     Reservations: