We do not accept deposits on kid orders. If you are interested in reserving a kid please contact us and we will put you on the list for the doe you are interested in. Generally, orders will be prioritized in the order received, but we reserve the right to make any changes to the order of a reservation list. We also reserve the right to keep any kid we deem for our own herd no matter if we have accepted an order previously.

We prefer to ship kids at five to seven weeks, since at that age they are best able to adapt to a new home environment. The price of our kids includes ADGA Registration fees, but does not include health certificate (required for out of state shipment, usually $75), shipping crate ($80 to $110, depending on size), or shipping costs.

We will compare airline prices to find the most reasonable shipping price to your destination. Cost varies but ranges between $500 and $700 depending on crate size, weight, and where the kid is shipped. Obscure locations or small airports can cost significantly more or are not available.  Because we usually do not ship kids that are under four weeks of age, and since the airlines require that kids must be able to stand up and turnaround in their crate, we cannot ship kids in size #300 kennels. Most kids are shipped in a #400.

Most airlines will NOT accept COD shipments anymore, so we pay the shipping cost on our end. Payment of kid and travel expenses must be paid before the kid leaves the property. If flying a kid, buyer will pay an estimated amount for the flight, and we will reconcile the exact amount after the kid is shipped