Heard Health Info

Please see below regarding our herd health.

Having a small herd we have the ability to keep a high standard of health. We are CAE, CL and Johnes free. We test the main herd annually for CAE. We have never had a reason to test for CL or Johnes. We can test for any diseases at request of the buyer.

We maintain a comprehensive worming program and we vaccinate for CD&T. We do not copper bolus our animals or give any other vaccinations.

Our does and bucks are feed high quality alfalfa hay with a small supplementation of oat hay. Our does receive 2 pounds daily of a 16% Dairy Goat Mix Grain. We offer free choice salt, minerals and bicarb.

Does kid out in the main barn unless they are getting hassled by other animals then we will put them in a kidding pen. We attend every birth and separate the kids soon after birth. Mothers are allowed to lick their kids for a few minutes, then are offered a bucket of warm water.

Our kids are raised on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk. We feed three times a day until they are 5 weeks old, and twice a day after that until tapering off and weaning at 14 weeks. The kids are fed our same "grain mixture" starting at 5 weeks of age until they are 9 months old when they move in with the main barn.